"Columbus, Q and Rome" / SBAB 52

Leif E. Vaage (Autor:in), Dr. Leif E. Vaage (Autor:in)

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Der Band versammelt 14 englischsprachige Aufsätze aus drei verschiedenen Forschungsgebieten, die den drei Bestandteilen des Titels "Columbus, Q and Rome" zugeordnet werden. The present book brings together under the aegis of the figures of Columbus, Q and Rome three different kinds of essays. Read together, the 14 essays display the logic that would link a cultural history of the Christian Bible in Latin America, historical analysis of the Synoptic Sayings Source, and explanation of the eventual "success" of Christianity within the Roman Empire, as all efforts, first, to displace and, then, to reframe scholarly interpretation of the Christian Bible. Written over the past 20 years in Lima, Perú, and in Toronto, Canada, the essays aim to expose the distinctly modern cultural assumptions often governing historical biblical scholarship as well as to develop alternative perspectives on these topics.

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